What Inspires My Work?
My cumulative experiences of living as a Mexican-Latino in the Midwest (and as a Midwest-American living in Southeastern Tamaulipas, Mexico,) my love of Lucha Libre, North American Professional Wrestling, and documenting my day-to-day activities in my sketchbook.  There is nothing more exciting than when I find a piece of inspiration out in the world and I can place it in my sketchbook! I also love traveling with my wife, Randi.
What Do You Do?
To put it plainly, I see the opportunities to make amazing artwork on print-based and web-based surfaces, aka a commercial artist. Due to my formal training, in both traditional arts and digital arts, this gives me the versatility and advantage to approach every project brief with strategy and creative problem solving, only using the most efficient and effective tools for each project.
Where Did You Get Trained?
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from The Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).
CCAD, getting its start in 1879, is one of America’s oldest and most prestigious art and design schools.
What Is Something That You Value?
Encouragement. Everyone's journey is different and unique, but inspiration is universal.
In the midst of offering an encouraging word or action to someone in need, we are reminded of our humanity.
We all need moments of encouragement.
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