Eight O' Clock New Logo and Stationery

Eight O' Clock (EOC) is a brand that has been around since 1853, so men that served in the American Civil War probably drank this coffee. What I wanted out of this project was to simplify, and redirect EOC, in the coffee industry they are not the worst, but they aren't the best. I thought to myself, "If they are not standing out at all, then why compete?" Part of what made EOC a joke is that it's design failed to keep up with the times, for some reason they decided to keep the Revival of the Art Deco Movement from the 90s and never progressed. My idea was to bring EOC to the time we are living in terms of design. I did this by making a logo that was a standing by itself, with no help from angled lines and a multitude of red colors that were simply a jumbled mess from the old logo. This new logo would offer clarity into seeing who EOC has become and who I would like it to be, a strong and exceptional coffee.

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