Jesús Walle is a Mexican-American Artist & Illustrator who works in a variety of mediums to relate with the people in his life and to the world around him.
His artwork is about the artistic process and visualizing human expressions through our favorite places, people, and things: the sources of where we find joy. 
He is committed to following the artistic process wherever it goes.
Photo Taken by Randi Walle.
Jesús Walle moved to Columbus, Ohio, in 2011 to complete his undergraduate studies at The Columbus College of Art & Design, one of America’s most prestigious art and design schools, where he graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a major in Illustration. He enjoys extending his creativity to the kitchen and cooking for his wife, Randi. As they travel together, they collect both priceless memories of their dream destinations as well as vintage and antique souvenirs to add to their growing collection of cameras, typewriters, and records.
He is an artist who loves to blend the physical and digital art spaces. He does this by being a master of Adobe software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; as well as the traditional tools of art making such as: Pencil, charcoal, ink, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, and oil paint. His projects will always start in the physical space, like his sketchbook, then they will be transitioned and finished in the digital space.
Public speaking is another area in which the artist enjoys flexing his creative muscles. He grew up in a bicultural and bilingual world, and he loves to share that experience with others. By traveling and immersing himself in Mexican culture, he has gained an authoritative voice to help others from similar immigrant experience backgrounds. He is someone who connects through empathy, positivity, and inclusiveness, and speaks about using the Arts as a way to navigate and understand the cultures that surrounds his audience. Another topic he speaks about is the creative process that ranges from the seemingly non-creative person to the creative professional. He believes everyone has creativity inside themselves and he engages with audiences to help them find it.
The artist highlights the strength of the Latino community in the Midwest by demonstrating his visual bilingualism that connects one culture to another, an unshakable work ethnic passed down from his ancestors, and pride in the craft of art making.
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