12 inches by 16 inches. Charcoal, White Charcoal on Red Toned Paper.
Diptych of Jack and Meg White. Outfits inspired by Jack's long-sleeve
button down from the studio album "Elephant." 
Detail of Jack's face and hair.
Detail of Jack's shirt.
Brushing the charcoal mixture on to the surface of the paper. 
Charcoal mixture is made of powdered charcoal and denatured alcohol.
Background was defined by using a kneaded eraser. I used fixative for the surface of my drawing,
which sealed and protected it against any other elements added.
Working consistent is hard with this charcoal mixture, but not impossible. I made a few test samples on a separate piece of paper to figure out the method and timing of how to apply it.
Working with Meg's part of the background.
The background working in my favor.
Final artwork of Meg White.
Final artwork of Jack White.
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