Watercolor ink, Acrylic ink, and Pigment Marker on Paper.
At the very beginning, I wanted to make a Band T-shirt for a Famous Mexican Band.
Started with some thumbnails for possible concepts. Throughout the process, the eyes were a big part of the vibe for this piece. I had discovered the typeface "Carol Gothic" and thought it would add to the Band T-shirt idea. Type placement was another piece that I had to solve on this piece. Another element that I was considering was having it in multiple languages.
Experimenting with the variables for the text. This process was achieved by having some print outs of the words I knew I would use and a couple sheets of tracing paper. Trying out different colors and effects didn't take as long as you would think, and it was a blast.
These are the two variations for this project. I was wanting to have two different options for the shirt for people to buy. The extra work for the hand-lettering was definitely worth it.
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